Focus on learning for Stress-Free Working

While working I observed that most of the time I am just thinking about finishing my job or assignment as fast as I can and that too with perfection.

My web of thoughts does not let me focus fully on my work and hence I feel stressed and am not able to give my best.

I realized that the intention of achieving the best rather than doing the best prevents me from enjoying the process of doing.

This called for a change in the intention behind my style of doing. Now I focus more on what I am learning from my work instead of feeling tensed about how far I am from the outcome.

When we achieve something, dopamine is produced in our brain which acts as a motivator, creating a sensation of pleasure. I see the effect of dopamine every time I discover an answer to this question: What am I learning now? Learning something new even while doing the same old job gives me a sense of achievement and reward.

When I was baking a vegan cake for the first time, I enjoyed every step of baking because now I was focusing on what I am learning from this process. I was not worried about what kind of cake it would turn out to be. Even though it did not turn out very well for the first time but the learning process gave me insights on how to improve upon next time.

When my son complained of a stressful coding assignment. We had a talk and we came to know that he was focusing on perfectly coding the application as fast as possible. His focus was just on the output. He decided to emphasize more on what new he was learning in the process of coding. Not just the technical part but also learning life skills like critical thinking, decision making, creativity, self-management, resilience, etc while coding. This made a real difference in his life too. He did the same assignment but enjoyed it more staying so calm & peaceful. Also, he prioritized his well-being as well.

Learning from every little thing has become my passion too. When I am watering plants, the plants teach me the lesson of spreading happiness. The food I eat teaches me to give positive energy to the people around me.

The Bhagwad Geeta also guides us to enjoy the process of our work and do not worry about the fruit of our actions.

Vishal Sharma is a passionate educationist, well-being consultant and a positive lifestyle coach making a visible impact in people's lives across the globe.